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7 places CGI artists can find inspiration

by Peeters

Explore some out-of-the-box ideas for finding artful inspiration in places you may not have considered before…


It can be hard to find places of inspiration without letting that much inspiration become a crushing weight upon your shoulders of your inability to reproduce its quality. I’ve lost count of the number of times that I’ve headed over to so and so’s the blog to check out their new work and left thinking there is no way I am “ever” going to be able to create the same quality of work. If you’re anything like me, then it’s essential to find places that you can go to get inspired that don’t leave you discouraged! Here goes…

For storytelling – Banff Films

I’ve now seen a ton of films produced by the Banff Film Festival and I never cease to be inspired by their ability to tell stories. The films are also produced by a wide range of directors and storytellers which helps to give a breadth of types of stories. The way they use camera angles, music and narrative to communicate has really inspired me over the years. By taking a look at their work you may find a director and DOP you love.

Be inspired by these stories  (Image credit © Banff Films)

For exploring color – Santi Zoraidez

Santi Zoraidez is a master of color. His composition abilities are incredible too but it was his grip on color combinations that drew my attention. His works of art are a delight to the sense as colors are mixed and brought together to create something truly beautiful. We don’t always have control over the color and material palettes but as and when we do Santi will provide a unique take on what’s possible.

(Image credit © Santi Zoraidez)

For character development – Teodoru Badiu

Teodoru has a very unique style. It’s hard to describe. He would describe it as character based Pop Surrealism and I think that’s a fair description. Because his style is so unique I don’t take much direct inspiration from him but it does inspire me to think about what my own unique style is. It leads me to ask questions about what sets my work apart and what makes it distinct. It’s easy to blend into the background of the 3D viz world but I would encourage you to think of ways you can set yourself apart from those around you.

This beautiful Pop Surrealism is a feast for the senses. (Image credit © Teodoru Badiu)

For character composition – Baugasm

If you’re looking to spice up your character compositions then look no further than Baugasm. Not all of the work is character-based but quite a lot of it is and with work being posted regularly you’ll always find something new to give you inspiration.

This work is hugely varied and distinct (Image credit © Baugasm)

For breaking rules – Edgar Degas

Degas was a master at breaking rules, especially in the area of composition. The direct influence of photography had a huge impact on him and it can be seen in his work. Degas captures the moment almost as if it came upon him unexpectedly. Characters that are half cropped out of the image would have been unheard of before his time but he wasn’t afraid to go against the grain. He inspires me to do the same – to find reasons to break the rules and to do it confidently and with purpose.

Degas inspires me to break the rules if it is for a purpose (Image credit © Edgar Degas)

For all things creative – The Inspiration Grid

I don’t spend much time on websites that curate content for me as I prefer to follow specific people’s work. That being said it’s always good to have your eyes opened up to new artists and creators. The Inspiration does exactly that. It covers a broad range of disciplines and so inspiration is never far around the corner.

The Inspiration Grid curates the work of creatives for you (Image credit © The Inspiration Grid)

For inspiration – Anywhere in the world!

I can honestly say that I’ve been most inspired by getting out of my chair, out my house and traveling the world. Having visited numerous countries I am regularly inspired by different architecture, color palettes, styles of design and people’s attitudes to life. Traveling is also great for getting out of a creative rut even if it’s to a new place in the city or town that you live in.

Travel the world and be inspired (Image credit © Harley-Davidson, Unsplash)


These are just a few suggestions. Do take time to work out what inspires you. It’s easy to default to looking at other people’s work and to limit your viewing only to other computer-generated content. Diversifying your inspiration outside of the 3D viz world will help you appreciate a wider range of art and will help you find ways to keep your own work fresh and exciting.

Source: 3dtotal.com

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