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Crypto and web3 explorers are setting up their digital identity with .ART Domains

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Building up your digital brand in the metaverse is just as important as on the rest of the Internet. Web 3 is upon us: crypto, NFTs, generative art, metaverse… A big fraction of the art scene has been enthusiastically embracing the opportunities that the novelties come with, but there’s been a lot of skepticism too. It’s among these polarizing opinions that Marina Abramovic, the legend of performance art and a creative pioneer, said: “I’ve been reading about Web3 and about what the new generation is doing within that space. It’s the future. They are pioneering in a way that is similar to how I was pushing boundaries in the ‘70s. Very few people believed in what I was doing at the time.” A true blessing from someone who transcends art eras, it seems. 

With this in mind, it is becoming increasingly important to take care of one’s digital identity as it has become something that will not only be inseparable from our professional image online but will serve as a foundation for our digital avatars in the metaverse and beyond. Lately the community of .ART, the fastest growing domain for creatives that recently celebrated its five-year anniversary, has been joined by hundreds of projects and artists working with crypto and exploring the opportunities offered by web3. And it is with good reason. You can use .ART as a domain name – to showcase your crypto-related project or NFT collection with a clearly identifiable website name. Moreover, you can use the same domain as a memorable crypto currency wallet address for receiving multiple currencies, tokens or NFTs – thanks to the possibility of integrating it with Ethereum Name Service (ENS). We had a look at the .ART community and made a selection of crypto projects and artists making the most of their digital identity and revolutionizing the art market at the same time. 

A couple of weeks ago, Christie’s sold “Living Architecture: Casa Batlló” by Refik Anadol for USD 1,380,000 – it is the first live dynamic and generative NFT of its kind using environmental data gathered in real-time from sensors placed around Gaudi’s infamous Barcelona building. Meanwhile, the Turkish-American new media artist has announced dataland.art, the world’s very first multi-sensory metaverse project. According to the teaser, Dataland will be a multidisciplinary collaboration between Refik Anadol Media Lab and the world’s leading neuroscientists, architects, AI and computer graphic pioneers, olfactory biosensing technologists, as well as Google, Epson, Nvidia and a dozen other impressive partners. Could it be any more intriguing? Probably not. 

Generative art and NFTs are all the rage and no wonder more projects are expanding in that direction. Snark Art Agency (snark.art) that works with artists to help them innovate on the blockchain, has recently announced og.art, a new place for experimental, generative, and interactive projects based on dynamic NFTs. “OG” is a reference to both Organic Crystals, a long-term art project previously developed by Snark Art and the legendary Original Gangsters, some of whom will be collaborating on the project. At the same time archipelago.art will become the first NFT marketplace purpose-built for generative art collectors. Both projects will be launched during the summer – stay tuned! 

Organic Growth: Crystal Reef by Michael Joo and Danil Krivoruchko for og.art

It’s good to see the metaverse being filled with equality-focused projects and female creators, making sure the space is developing with an organic representation of all the minorities. A community celebrating representation, inclusivity, and equal opportunities for all, worldofwomen.art, is on a mission to change the fact that as of November 2021, female artists accounted for just 5% of all NFT art sales. However, some female artists have already had their big break: Valeria, a 15-year-old NFT Latina artist has launched and sold a generative NFT collection with a purpose of promoting artistic development at a young age and to collecting women’s NFT in order to push for balance in the space. 

Another great example of a mission driven female NFT project is kidsofwar.art, launched by journalist Anastasiia Lapatina to aid children affected by the war in Ukraine. The Kids of War NFT-team spent over a month scouting out artworks made by children online. The final collection that went on sale a few weeks ago, is a painful reflection of the realities of war, a reminder that Ukraine still needs the world’s support – as well as a statement that creativity and hope continue to flourish amongst its youngest generation. This and many other recently launched NFT projects have made it obvious: with the help of NFTs and blockchain technology, one can quickly, transparently, and efficiently raise money for a cause, without any restrictions from banks or governments. 

Artwork by kidsofwar.art

The .ART community attracts projects of all kinds: among them are NFT marketplaces such as async.art and meta.art (the domain was bought long before the launch of Facebook’s Meta project!), liquidity pool all.art, collaborative community with integrated blockchain option dada.art and cadaf.art, a complete ecosystem for artists, curators and collectors to discover, buy and learn about digital art and NFTs. The artists have also been flooding in with their personal projects and drops: xcopy.art, collective of digital artists spectra.art, and Pak, who has an ongoing project on burn.art

True to its statement that everything is an artform, .ART is also home to greats.art – a project launched by the supporters of Wolfgang Beltracchi, a German artist and famous art forger who has admitted to forging hundreds of paintings by renowned artists including the likes of Heinrich Campendonk, Fernand Léger, and Max Ernst, Since his arrest in 2010, the art establishment has been working tirelessly to make his artworks inaccessible to the public – that’s why the team is using Ethereum blockchain to give the world unrestricted access to one of the last living old masters of our time. 

To make sure that your art is never forged, solidify your digital identity in all the multiverses with a .ART domain. Get 55% OFF with promo code ARTBDAY on get.art or check with your registrar. 

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