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Great Benefits of Render farms

by Peeters

First things first, what does render mean?

Render(Rendering) is the process of creating a two-dimensional or three-dimensional image from a model or set of models with application programs into a 3D image, an animated character, or a certain scene. Rendering is one of the main subtopics of three-dimensional computer graphics.

In practice, it is always closely related to other topics. In the graphics pipeline, rendering is the last important step in
creating the final appearance of models and animation.

Render farm is a concept that has gradually become popular. It means connecting a great number of high-end computers together to speed up the rendering process to shorten the waiting time for the results of rendering images or videos. The more machines connected, the faster the rendering speed will be.

Benefits of render farm

Time-saving: rendering is originally the most time-consuming and boring part of all creative artwork production. Rendering can eat up hours or days of your time so you can spend less time on other projects or other tasks, no matter how cleverly you manage the whole process. Whereas with render farms, all you need to do is upload the file that needs rendering and wait for the job to be done. you can create other creative products in the meantime.

Cost-effectiveness: Compared with the self-building render farm, it would be much more cost-effective especially for big projects. You don’t need to spend too much money to purchase hardware and maintain the network, and you don’t need to hire people to manage it.

High render speed: The top render farm companies have at least 3000~4000 rendering nodes, even unlimited nodes if it is based on cloud, which have powerful CPUs, it could save your time on the rendering process

Risk minimization: while rendering, computers can overheat and shut down or even break. It is also conceivable that a power failure could mean that the entire work has to be restarted from the beginning. The latter can get very bad if it happens the night before the project is scheduled. Render farms deal with these events in a way that is safe for the user. Even if one server or all the power fails, the rendering is moved to another computer. This means that your renderers are always ready when you need them.

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