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Quixel launches video tutorials for ‘Ninety Days’ UE5 project

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The Ninety Days in Unreal Engine 5 was an illustration of what has now become possible. Never before has turning an idea into unique 3d environments felt so straight forward. Ninety Days project kicked off with just three core artists and a simple concept: make something beautiful and inspiring, keep it real-time, and if possible, build each environment in just three days.
We wanted to see what was possible when you pair the world’s most open and advanced real-time 3D tool with Quixel Megascans, as well as assets from both Sketchfab and the Unreal Engine Marketplace.
We heard your requests — so we made sure to bring you step by step tutorials taking in a bird’s eye view on the what, why and how of Ninety Days.

This is the first video in a series of accompanying tutorials and we are very much looking forward to sharing what we’ve learnt with you in a practical approach over the following videos — inspiring you to go out and make amazing worlds. The tutorials show the workflows behind some of the environments and have a specific highlighted topic that the artists focus on, sharing some environment art-related tips and tricks along the way. At the time, the series consists of four episodes, with Quixel promising to release more in

Watch the full Ninety Days showcase video: https://youtu.be/ca2ME4Wy0eM

Full playlist of Creating ‘Ninety Days’ in Unreal Engine 5 tutorials: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list…

Read all about the Ninety Days project on our blog: https://quixel.com/blog/2022/5/12/nin…

For more art from the Ninety Days project check out our Art Blast on ArtStation: https://magazine.artstation.com/2022/…

Creating ‘Ninety Days’ in Unreal Engine 5 Series

Part 1: An Overview – https://youtu.be/qELcbxazq2g

Part 2: Displacing Geometry – https://youtu.be/j-qXa-0fIxA

Part 3: Destroying Buildings – https://youtu.be/TABymp8AzMY

Part 4: Animating in Sequencer – https://youtu.be/IfjQli1P__Y 

About Ninety Days in Unreal Engine 5 Series

Ninety Days in Unreal Engine 5 is an impressive project that consists of 40+ real-time environments made by a small team of artists using only Unreal Engine 5, Quixel Megascans, Sketchfab, and the UE Marketplace.

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