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The Flash’s VFX supervisor teases his work on the new movie.

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The Flash movie’s VFX supervisor teases his work on the 2022 film. Des Jardin hints at what to expect from The Flash’s VFX sequences when the film hits theaters next fall.

Warner Bros’ The Flash solo film has only been in production for a little over a month. However, it sounds like the behind-the-scenes crew is already working on some big ideas for the movie’s special effects. During a recent interview with Beyond the Trailer (via Heroic Hollywood), VFX supervisor John “D.J.” Des Jardin hinted at what’s in store for Barry Allen’s big screen adventure.

Des Jardin previously worked as a VFX supervisor on Justice League (both the theatrical cut, and Zack Snyder’s Justice League). But with Andy Muschietti in the director’s chair, The Flash is bound to have a different look than previous entries. And that includes how Barry’s powers are presented onscreen.

“There are a lot of things and…I don’t really wanna talk about them, because they’ll kinda give away maybe some of the technology and some of the fun stuff,” said Des Jardin. “I would just say that [Director Andy Muschietti]’s got some really interesting concepts of ways to extend the look and the vibe of the Barry Allen Flash, the Ezra Miller Flash, the Zack Snyder Flash that we kind of gave you a taste of in Justice League and kind of goes on from there.”

Additionally, Des Jardin explained how other members of his team are really doing their homework in order for some of the film’s VFX-heavy sequences to be as dazzling as they can be.

“And I really don’t wanna say anything because y’know, [fellow supervisor] Bryan [Hirota] and his team have been doing a lot of conceptual R&D to get a lot of these concepts and things nailed down, really successfully, I might add,” continued Des Jardin. “I think Bryan can back me up on this–some of the ideas are super, super strange and very intriguing because of that.”

The Flash will zoom into theaters on November 4, 2022.

Are you excited to see what Des Jardin’s team has planned for the film? Let us know in the comment section below!

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