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VFX Company Straight Up Kills Every James Bond

by Amélie

James Bond has changed faces over the years and a VFX company set out to explain what happened to all of the previous 007s.

As fans of James Bond await the famous spy’s upcoming release of No Time to Die later this year, a team of VFX artists has created a “Bond Cinematic Universe.” In their world, each Agent 007 meets a gruesome fate as the title and line of succession catch up to the present iteration of James Bond, portrayed by actor Daniel Craig.

The team at Corridor Crew takes the viewer behind the scenes and walks us through the techniques they used to construct each Bond’s demise. The premise of the video is to explain how the role of James Bond was passed on from one agent to the next, as it is never addressed in the actual films.

By using a combination of visual effects ranging from adding blood or smoke particles to a scene that replaces an actor’s face using artificial intelligence, along with some very clever editing, the artists at Corridor Crew managed to splice together a supercut of James Bond death spanning nearly six decades. In more than one instance, a James Bond is assassinated by none other than… James Bond. The video essentially addresses the theory that new agents take on the Bond/007 title name each time their successor is killed.

Some of the Bonds are dispatched in massive explosions. One of the Bonds is done in by lung cancer. Another is killed by a brutal headshot. As the fan film plays out, the footage frequently cuts back to a graveyard with multiple James Bond tombstones being brought in as the agents are cut down.

The behind-the-scenes footage of the team adds a lot to the experience, and they demonstrate their in-progress shots with entertaining commentary. The attitudes of the folks at Corridor Crew make for a lighthearted, amusing watch. They also make the technology seem approachable, which might push curious filmmakers to try some of the techniques for themselves.

The life of a spy is dangerous by nature. Although we may never know the truth of how the James Bond torch is passed from one agent to another, it’s always fascinating to discuss and debate. It’s highly unlikely, but perhaps No Time to Die or another future James Bond film will shed some light on the issue. But no matter how many agent’s lives are claimed while using the moniker, if the Corridor Crew’s take is even remotely accurate, James Bond will never truly die.

No Time to Die is scheduled to be released in theaters on October 8, 2021.

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