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Blender LTS 2.83.5 is out

by Peeters

Blender Long Term Support has just released the latest version – Blender LTS 2.83.5. This version contains 25 bugs fixed compared to the previous one, which makes it worth a try.

Let’s take a look at the Changelog:

  • FCurve editor crash when zooming out to limit [T79254]
  • Crash displaying the same mesh in two windows [T79260]
  • Fix interface artifacts on Intel GPUs [388639243053]
  • Outliner “Make Single User” crash [T79187]
  • Eevee cubemaps shows black [T79158]
  • Smooth brushes crasing in dyntopo [T79007]
  • Too much memory usage rendering animation with persistent images [T78537]
  • CLOG writes/reads outside allocated memory. [T78730]
  • Crash converting curve to mesh [T79207]
  • Fix usercount not decrementing in `gpencil_stroke_separate_exec` [4251a87bf60e]
  • UV select-linked failure to de-select [T46568]
  • GPencil weight paint crash when painting over modifier generated [T78884]
  • Workbench: Fix broken id pass [38e9a349defc]
  • Workbench: Object color mode broken if more than 4096 objects [T79509]
  • GPUShader: compile error on AWS Elastic Graphics [T79246]
  • Blend file corrupted during save caused by high Cubemap Size [T78529]
  • EEVEE: LightCache: Add warning if the cache cannot be saved [fce71a255cb9]
  • Crash loading nested set-scenes [T79575]
  • Fix crash switching render slots when there is only one slot [a9e0aeaf653d]
  • Triangulate quads with ‘Beauty’ can make zero area faces [T79482]
  • “Add plane > align” causes crash when certain rigs are in the scene [T77847]
  • Crash when changing View Layer while VR session runs [T79324]
  • Video Sequencer image sequence strip source path breaks [T79676]
  • Crash rendering grease pencil from compositor with multiple scenes [T77885]
  • EEVEE: Crash on Macos due to lightcache baking [T79703]

Learn more about Blender LTS program and download the latest version here

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