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3D Modeling Class for Maya Beginners – SkillShare

by Peeters

Maya is 3D graphics software which is used to create 3D interactions in animated movies, electrical effects and TV series, even used as a tool in digital paintings. Maya helps technicians maximize design time, render flexibly, improve productivity, and create advanced visual effects.

On this class, you will be instructed by Lucas Ridley, who is an animator and worked on films like Avenger’s: Infinity War, Ready Player One, and Transformers: The Last Knight as an animator. As Lucas said, this class is for anyone who wants to learn about Maya though got no prior experience, and it focuses on 3D Modeling.

Over 3 thousands peoples have been joining to upgrade their skillsets, do you want to be the next?

For more details about this Class, please click here to learn more and get started.

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