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Join Blender Online Class by Vaughan Ling

by Peeters

Vaughan Ling – a Designer working in feature animation.  He worked on big projects Spiderman: Into the Spiderverse, Love Death and Robots (The Witness), Lego Movie 2. He now opens a Blender online class, which is available here https://gumroad.com/discover

This 7-week course is a complete intro to Blender for artists who want to use 3D as a tool for design and illustration. Each week you’ll learn a curated set of tools and put them into practice with a mini-project. By the end, you’ll have a wide range of portfolio pieces to show off which includes juicy renders and short animations! You’ll be using HEAVYPOLY Config which is designed to make Blender easier to learn and faster for modeling.

Also, you can visit http://www.heavypoly.com/ to find out more tutorials, classes and incredible artworks of Vaughan.

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