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Top 10 Best Blender YouTube Channels for 3D Artists (Part 2)

by Anne
Top 10 Blender Channels on YouTube Part 2

Blender’s online community is strong and active. Here are part 2 of our Top 10 favorite YouTube channels for Blender video tips and tutorials.

This comes in no short order as it relates to knowledge and information about the software. There are mountains and mountains of awesome content and tutorials about Blender, and most of it is completely free and on YouTube.

This is a list of the last 5 channels of our top 10 that really helped you get up to speed on Blender.

Now, as is typically the case when discussing “excellent sites to get started with Blender,” I’m going to go over some of the more well-known options, such as BlenderGuru or CG Geek. These are fantastic channels, and I strongly advise you to check them out. However, I wanted to spotlight a few of the lesser-known or up-and-coming channels for 3D Artists


DECODED is a channel that pops up for me time and time again as I’m looking for a specific technique or answer. I find that the information in his videos is always succinct and presented well. He does a lot of videos about up-and-coming changes in the software as updates roll out. I like to head to his channel periodically to stay updated with what’s going on with Blender.

7. Ian Hubert

Ian Hubert has become somewhat synonymous with Blender as of late, and for good reason. So, I’m sure it’s no surprise I’ve included him in this list. I’ve always been a fan of his work. And, through my time with Blender, I’ve found his channel to be one of my most frequent visits for learning and getting inspired. He’s generous with information about some of his mind-blowing techniques and has become popular for his lazy tutorials.

8. Blender Secrets

Blender Secrets is a channel that pops up for me all the time when I’m searching for things. This channel consistently delivers on quick, to-the-point tutorials that do exactly what they say on the tin. Most of the videos are one to two minutes and, when it’s over, you know how to do the thing you were looking for. You can’t ask for more than that!

9. Gleb Alexandrov

Gleb Alexandrov is a newer discovery for me, but I’ve been digging everything I’ve watched so far. The videos have tremendous production value, and are all taught extremely well. His results always look fantastic, which makes it inspiring to do the same thing and try for a similar quality level in your result. I love when people show what Blender is capable of, even for beginner users.

10. CG Cookie

CG Cookie is kind of a staple Blender channel. As one of the bigger channels on this list, I’ve always enjoyed and appreciated the content they put out for free. If you want, you can pay for some of their much larger courses, but in true Blender fashion, they also provide amazing value at no cost right on their YouTube channel. You can’t go wrong with anything you’ll find on this channel.

So that was the 10, but if you want to know more tricks and tips to cope with Blender, you can also take a look at this playlist of 3S Cloud Render Farm YouTube Channel.

If you haven’t read our first 5 recommended Channels, so you can click here to read.

In case you want something to watch, there are plenty things to Watch and to read on 3D World.

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