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Greyscalegorilla Launches Cloud-Based ‘Greyscalegorilla Plus’ Creative Subscription Platform For 3D Motion Designers

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Cloud-Based 'Greyscalegorilla Plus’ Creative Subscription Platform

New Service Supercharges The Way 3D Digital Artists Access Greyscalegorilla’s Cinema 4D Plugins, Materials, HDRIs, And Professional 3D Training

Greyscalegorilla, a provider of professional training and tools for motion designers and 3D artists, has launched Greyscalegorilla Plus, a new, cloud-based, subscription service. The service gives subscribers streamlined access to its entire online library of plug-ins, hand-crafted materials and textures, high-dynamic-range images (HDRIs), and professional training from top industry artists.

The extensive collection of Greyscalegorilla Plus assets are compatible with leading 3D software applications, including Maxon Cinema 4D, and popular render engines, such as Redshift by Maxon, OTOY Octane, and Autodesk Arnold. The introduction of Greyscalegorilla Plus reflects a strategic refocus, allowing Greyscalegorilla to quickly develop new 3D production-ready tools that will be added regularly into the platform’s ever-expanding library of time-saving resources. Plus subscribers have unlimited access to product updates that are automatically downloaded into their account.

Watch Greyscalegorilla Plus video.

According to Greyscalegorilla founder and CEO Nick Campbell, the demand for reliable, high-quality, 3D content and resources that engage audiences continues to expand exponentially, whether for use in commercial or personal projects, crypto art NFTs, social media videos, high-end VFX, broadcast motion graphics, commercials, game cinematics, live events, architectural and product visualization.

“Our mission at Greyscalegorilla is to help 3D artists achieve their best work, … As technology and innovation continue to define the direction of 3D motion graphics and design, Greyscalegorilla Plus is the next-generation platform that builds on our collective years of experience as professional 3D artists, educators, and developers to bring ongoing value to our customers. The Plus subscription membership supports artists at any level to create realistic renders faster, focus on craftsmanship, and obtain training from industry pros to future-proof their creative experiences.”

 Greyscalegorilla Founder and CEO Nick Campbell
Cloud-Based 'Greyscalegorilla Plus’ Creative Subscription Platform Nick Campell

Greyscalegorilla Plus was originally introduced in 2019 as an all-in-one training platform that steadily evolved to offer Greyscalegorilla’s collection of 3D software textures and materials. In August 2020, in response to shifting customer preferences, the Greyscalegorilla team began providing its members with Cinema 4D plug-ins. 

Greyscalegorilla Cloud-Based 'Greyscalegorilla Plus’  for 3D motion designers

Greyscalegorilla Plus: Under-the-Hood:

The Greyscalegorilla Plus platform delivers Cinema 4D artists a wide variety of up-to-date tools and resources. Membership includes access to:

Materials and texture libraries: more than 1,400 handcrafted, hi-rez Cinema 4D assets, and access to 500+ HDRIs for 3D

Cinema 4D Plugins: Trusted by professional artists, studios and major corporations, Greyscalegorilla plug-ins provide comprehensive lighting, animation and photo realistic rendering capabilities.

Gorilla U: 500+ hours of expert training on leading 3D toolsets and renderers including Cinema 4D, Redshift, Octane, Arnold, and Houdini. Courses and tutorials cater to common themes: topography, car rendering, product visualization, lighting, etc., and are available online 24/7.

New, exclusive tutorials and materials added regularly to the Greyscalegorilla Plus library.

About Greyscalegorilla:

Chicago-based Greyscalegorilla is the leading online destination for tools and training resources to help motion designers and Cinema 4D artists create professional content. The company’s newest offering is Greyscalegorilla Plus, a cloud-based, subscription platform that leverages the latest technology to provide access to one of the most comprehensive, everexpanding libraries of award-winning plug-ins, hand-curated materials and textures, HDRIs, and unlimited on-demand training from industry professionals. Updated regularly, the Plus platform demystifies all aspects of the Cinema 4D software application and top 3D rendering programs, including Redshift by Maxon, Autodesk Arnold and OTOY Octane.

Greyscalegorilla founder, CEO, and Digital Artist, Nick Campbell, is a motion graphics innovator and a renowned and trusted authority on Cinema 4D. He has taught over 100,000 motion designers and 3D animators at every level of experience. Today, the Greyscalegorilla brand enjoys a loyal community of global creative professionals and 3D aspirants. Top motion design artists including Beeple, J.J. Abrams, David Ariew, Andrew Kramer, and Blake Kathryn; leading creative studios including Corridor Digital, The Mill, Framework; as well as brands such as Nike, Disney, and Sony, all consider Greyscalegorilla an essential resource for their creative arsenal and professional success.

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