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Phoenix 5 |Chaos release & update

by Hachin

Phoenix 5 – the new version of Chaos’s fluid dynamics software includes full control over active body simulations, new popular presets, streamlined workflows, and much more.

Phoenix 5 – Chaos release

Chaos Phoenix 5 released.

This new version will take your active body simulations to the next level with tools that give you more control than ever before. Create procedural animations in Phoenix. Restrict movement or rotation along a selected horizontal or vertical axis. And determine whether active bodies should emit, attract, or retain fluids. Plus

Chaos has also created new presets so you can dive right into your sims. Choose from popular ready-to-roll settings including stormy sea, jet engine, ice cubes and speedboat. Plus enhanced fire, beer, and ocean presets for even better-looking results. 

If that’s not enough, we’ve streamlined Phoenix workflows. Now, you can shade fire and smoke simulations, and meshes, in a single simulator, create realistic foam patterns faster, and more. 

Last but not least, with an initial implementation of the Phoenix Standalone Simulator, you can speed up your simulations like never before.

Chaos Phoenix 5

Simulation made easy

Chaos Phoenix 5 takes your active body simulations to the next level with new tools that give you more control than ever before. It also enables you to create realistic dynamic effects fast with new and enhanced presets — available for you to use out-of-the-box, or to modify to fit your needs. Simulate faster, streamline your workflow, and get more done. 

More control, better simulations

Thruster Force: Create procedural animations inside Phoenix — move active bodies with a directable engine force.

Axis Lock: Restrict active bodies to move or rotate along a selected horizontal or vertical axis.

More controls: Extra control over how active bodies interact with your scene — choose whether they should emit, attract, retain fluids, and much more.

About Chaos

Chaos Group is a leading provider of innovative rendering solutions for the media, entertainment, and design industries. For over a decade their flagship rendering software, V-Ray®, has set the standard for speed, quality, reliability and ease of use, and it has become the rendering engine of choice for renowned international studios. They work closely with their customers from around the world to ensure they’re creating the best tools for their workflow.

Credit: Chaos Group

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