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U-Render 2020.9 for Cinema 4D Is Released

by Peeters

Following the release of Cinema 4D R23 made by Maxon last month, U-RENDER is now fully integrated into Cinema 4D!

Thanks to this update, it’s possible to work directly in Cinema 4D, by using the live rendering in the C4D’s viewport. The background object rendering now works in the viewport that is already familiar to you. It means that, by installing U-RENDER, you don’t have to learn or get used to a different viewport. The real-time render engine is now fully integrated with your favorite 3D software suite.

No more interruptions for your creativity!

How frustrating is it to be interrupted during your creativity flow?
We know it and for this reason we strongly worked to always assure you a linear noise-free workflow. This is one of the highlights of U-RENDER’s vision from the beginning of our journey.
Now with the full integration, we take this highlight to the next level: You don’t need to switch from a software to another and you can easily enjoy the incredible speed and the high level features of U-RENDER, directly in C4D.
Get more details, keep on reading this article.

Changes and Improvements

The new version of the real-time software, U-RENDER has some changes and improvements.
In the feature related to reflections, the screen-space reflections now show specular and environment reflections on reflected objects. Thanks to this refinement, depending on the scene, you can give it a large range of different styles and be more competitive.

As far as volumetrics is concerned, shadow colors can be enabled to affect volumetric shadows to reach a more realistic result, like for example self-shadowing clouds. In addition, some visual artefacts, caused by a mismatch of the volumetric clipping plane and the camera’s near plane are now fixed, in order to give you more precise results.

Furthermore, we also improved some features in U-RENDER’s materials: The features about clear-coat’s glossiness/roughness texture and clear-coat’s environment reflection are now working properly, to permit creating well-defined looking materials like car paints, varnished woods, coated metals and plastics.

We’re continuously working on the development and upgrades of the real-time rendering software. Some of our next goals are firstly to improve your workflows and work, then to support the Cinema 4D scene nodes and Magic Bullet Looks.

Something new

The stable full integration into C4D is not the only news for this U-RENDER release. You can also have at your disposal a new feature in the color correction post-processing filter.

The RGB curves are now part of the color correction post processing filter. They allow advanced color grading effects, by remapping the color input to a different output.
For example, suppose a color in the image is pure white, which will have a yellow component of 100%. The default curve will simply output the same color. Now if you reduce the yellow curve with the intention of having it always at zero, the image will no longer have any yellow component and will be purple instead.

The color channels for red, green and blue can be adjusted individually to achieve very flexible and versatile results.

Source: u-renders.com

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