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Chaos Cloud | Render with confidence

by Hachin

Chaos Group‘s seamlessly integrated push-button cloud rendering service for artists and designers – Chaos Cloud. No hardware to configure. No virtual machines to set up. Click render and V-Ray Cloud takes care of the rest. 

What is Chaos Cloud?

Chaos Cloud is an unlicensed cloud-rendering service offered directly by Chaos Group to V-Ray users via native integration in V-Ray for SketchUp, V-Ray for Rhino, V-Ray for Revit, V-Ray for MayaV-Ray for 3ds MaxV-Ray for Cinema 4D, V-Ray for Modo, and V-Ray for Houdini. Chaos Cloud is designed with architecture and product visualization in mind. It is the optimal solution for workflows that require multiple design iterations, and it pioneers a smart-upload mechanism that breaks down the scene and fetches only elements that have been changed. 

Its Advantages

Turn your computer into a supercomputer

Designed for speed, it transforms the unlimited render power of the cloud into each user’s personal supercomputer. Additional speed optimizations include a smart synchronization functionality that minimizes upload times.

Render while you work

Keep creating. Keep designing. Let V-Ray Cloud do the rendering so you can keep working. And you can render multiple jobs at the same time. Because you have got more important things to do than wait.

Smart Sync

V-Ray Cloud automatically uploads exactly what it needs to render. And whenever your scene is updated, it only re-syncs the data that’s changed – keeping your upload times to the absolute minimum.

Live View

Watch your render as it happens, from anywhere on any device. As soon as you submit a job, you can monitor the rendering from your computer, tablet or even your smartphone.


Chaos Cloud scales elastically to complete any job on time, freeing the user’s machine resources for design work. It allows users to tap into additional resources on demand, without the need to purchase fixed licenses, or set up local or virtual render machines.

Smart Vault

V-Ray Cloud stores your projects in the cloud, including assets, so you only need to upload them once. Adjust your job settings in the V-Ray Cloud dashboard without having to resubmit your scene. No extra charges for storing projects.

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