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In the NVIDIA Studio Celebrate Artists and Assist Content Creators

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In the NVIDIA Studio Celebrate Artists and Assist Content Creators

Environment artist Andrew Averkin shares boyhood memories in 3D using NVIDIA Omniverse and Autodesk 3ds Max.

Even when you find the spark, today’s tools for bringing your vision to life can still feel daunting. That’s where NVIDIA comes in. NVIDIA Studio is a suite of creative tools, dedicated drivers, and optimized software that’s built to speed up the creative process, all powered by NVIDIA GPUs.

In the NVIDIA Studio extends NVIDIA’s mission to improve creative workflows for all creators from aspiring artists looking to learn new skills, freelancers working in multiple disciplines, and creative professionals who depend on workflow efficiency for their livelihood.

It starts with celebrating the artists that inspire.

Every week, In the NVIDIA Studio will spotlight incredible content creators, sharing a behind-the-scenes look at their story, their inspiration, their process, their unique artistic flair, and more – for all of the world to see.

In the NVIDIA Studio is more than just an art showcase. It’s a check-in on the full creation process, from concept to completion. It’s where creatives can find resources and tutorials to solve previously insurmountable workflow challenges

It’s also where the newest creative innovations that artists like you can incorporate into their projects — optimized NVIDIA Studio drivers, updated GPU-accelerated tools in the software platforms you live and work in, or hardware releases for those who are ready to upgrade.

Introducing Andrew Averkin

Hailing from Ukraine, Andrew is an expert in creating photorealistic scenes, finding inspiration fueling the introspectiveness of his audience, making for truly individualistic art.

Far Away From Home, is a dedication to Averkin’s wife who has to travel long distances to visit her Siberian parents, noting “Probably everyone had this feeling when they are far away from home, family, friends… I’ve tried to capture those feelings; feelings of missing everything that is important to you.”

Here in The One, Averkin wishes to spur thought, “The One You Exist, Think, Imagine, Wish, Breathe, Feel, Love, Create! You are Special. You are everything. You are Eternity. You are The One.”

He created The One series using the NVIDIA Omniverse Create app and Autodesk 3ds Max, accelerated by an NVIDIA RTX A6000 GPU.

The RTX GPU-accelerated viewport and RTX-accelerated AI denoising in Autodesk 3ds Max enable fluid interactivity despite the massive file size.

The Storyteller Short was created in Omniverse which allows 3D artists, like Averkin, to connect their favorite design tools to a single scene and simultaneously create and edit between the apps.

The Getting Started in NVIDIA Omniverse series on the NVIDIA Studio YouTube channel is a great place to learn more.

In Omniverse Create, Averkin used specialized lighting tools for his artwork, updating the original Autodesk 3ds Max file automatically with no need for messy and time-consuming file conversions and uploads, concluding with final files rendered at lightspeed with his RTX GPU.

Previously, Averkin worked at Axis Animation, Blur Studio and elsewhere. View his portfolio and favorite projects on Instagram.

NVIDIA Studio hopes you join every week, In the NVIDIA Studio.

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